What is Bustaprice?

Bustaprice is a price comparison search engine. We search the internet for you to find the lowest price of any product you want to buy.

What is a price comparison search engine?

Prices comparison search engines crawl the web to find the lowest price for what you’re looking for across hundreds of different websites. No matter what you’re buying, you can use Bustaprice to help you find it at the lowest price.

Are price comparison websites regulated?

The short answer is no. Price comparison sites are not regulated. Many price comparison websites claim to offer the lowest prices when, in reality, they only show results for vendors that pay for placement. At Bustaprice, we pride ourselves on being impartial in the results that we show. We don’t favour retailers that pay for placement; in fact, most of the vendors we show results for don’t pay for placement at all.

How do price comparison sites make money?

Price comparison sites make money in several ways. Notably, price comparison websites make money through preferential search result placement and affiliate marketing. At Bustaprice we always show the lowest price first and the majority of the sources that we search are listed free of charge.

Which countries does Bustaprice work in?

At the moment, Bustaprice can only find the lowest prices in the United States but we are working on expanding to more countries as soon as possible. If you want to register interest for your country please contact us.

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